The dangerous situation caused by the breakage of the ship will pose a serious threat to crew and ship safety. If the ship’s liquid cargo or fuel leaks, it will cause serious damage to the marine environment. If damage occurs accompanied by roll and other motions, it may cause more dangerous consequences. It is an important issue to study the damaged ship in time-domain. In this paper, the motions of the damaged DTMB 5512 in calm water and regular beam waves are studied numerically. The ship motions are analyzed through CFD methods, which are acknowledged as a reliable approach to simulate and analyze these complex physical phenomena. An in-house CFD (computational fluid dynamics) code HUST-Ship (Hydrodynamic Unsteady Simulation Technology for Ship) is used for solving RANS equations coupled with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) solid body motion equations. RANS equations discretized by finite difference method and solved by PISO algorithm. Level set was used for free surface simulation. The dynamic behavior of model was observed in both intact and damaged condition. The heave, roll and pitch amplitudes of the damaged ship were studied in calm water and beam wave of three wavelengths.

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