In this paper, an in-house CFD code HUST-Ship is used for the numerical simulation of parametric rolling phenomena of ONR Tumblehome in regular head wave. Preliminary resistance and roll decay simulations at Fr = 0.2 were carried out and compared with existed INSEAN experimental data. Following, three DOFs’ ship motions in regular head wave with an initial roll angle of 30 degrees was calculated to examine the possibility of occurrence of parametric rolling. Finally, a simulation without initial roll disturbance was performed to investigate its influence to the steady roll amplitude. By conducting fast Fourier transform of the time history of motions, forces and moments, the characteristics are analyzed and co-related with wave frequency. Results can be concluded that the in-house code has the ability to perform the parametric rolling simulation, and that the final steady roll amplitude is not affected by the initial disturbance. In addition, heave and pitch motions are dominantly affected by wave characteristic, roll frequency is about half that of wave, and that forces and moments in x direction exhibit high-order non-linearity.

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