With the development of the large-scale ship, the hull becomes more and more “soft” and “elastic”. Accurate simulation of ship’s hydro-elastic performance through scaled model test plays an important role in structural safety assessment. This paper presents the detail preparation of a segmented model which is used to investigate the vertical bending moment (VBM) for a 260m TEU container ship.

Some innovative concepts were involved in the scaled model design. Firstly, the segmentation of the ship model was based on the hull’s vertical vibration mode for better simulation of the hull’s rigidity distribution. Secondly, the section of the backbone beam was varied by polishing along ship length in order to simulate the varied section modulus of ship hull. Thirdly, new backbone fixed type was carried out by two flange plates for a better wave load transmission.

Besides, some useful techniques were provided, including the model making technique, calibration technique, and backbone system technique. It increases the feasibility of test, at a certain extent. Finally, an overview of the ongoing large scale model test plan and its future development directions is prospected.

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