A subsea Blowout Preventer system plays an extremely important role in providing safe working conditions for drilling activities in deepwater oil exploration. However, estimating the performance of Shear Ram Blowout Preventeris still a challenge for the industry.

This paper considers different scenarios that may influence the shear capability of a typical subsea Blind Shearing Ram: the pipe size, ram shape, preload of pipe, off-center distance and tool joint of pipe. Element method analysis is conduct on the Abaqus software to calculate the maximum required shearing force for each scenario. Results of those simulations are collected and analyzed according to mechanic theories and oil field experience.

Furthermore, some recommendations are offered both in theoretical and practical aspects to build the criterion for the shear ability of a specific type of Blind Shearing Ram. Factors influencing shearing capabilities have been listed according to the result of the numerical simulation.

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