The aim of the paper is the assessment of structural reliability of oil tanker which may be damaged in collision accident in the Adriatic Sea and exposed to combined, horizontal and vertical bending moments. Damage size is assumed based on the direct numerical simulation of the ship-ship collision. This is justified for some specific sea environments, as the Adriatic Sea, where ship sailing routes and representative ship types involved in accidents are known, so possible collision scenarios may be reasonably predicted. Residual bending moment capacity under combined bending moment is calculated using regression equations developed based on non-linear finite element analysis. Still water vertical bending moments are obtained by damage stability analysis. Vertical and horizontal wave bending moments are determined by short-term response analysis of damaged ship in the Adriatic Sea, using transfer functions obtained by 3D panel hydrodynamic method. Limit state function is defined using interaction equation for damaged ship exposed to combined bending moments. Safety indices are calculated by FORM for different collision scenarios that are generated by MC simulations. Such approach enables to determine the safety indices for the most frequent damages and also to reveal the most critical situations resulting in the lowest safety indices.

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