In the present work, a RANS-overset method is used to numerically investigate turning circle maneuver in waves for a twin-screw ship. CFD solver naoe-FOAM-SJTU is used for the numerical computations of the fully appended ONR Tumblehome ship model. Overset grids are used to fully discretize the ship hull, twin propellers and rudders. The simulation of turning circle maneuver is carried out at constant propeller rotational speed with 35° rudder deflection. Open source toolbox waves2Foam is utilized to generate desired waves for the moving computational domain. Predicted ship trajectory and 6DoF motions, hydrodynamic forces and moments acting on the ship and the moving components are presented. The main parameters of the turning circle maneuver, such as the advance, the transfer, the tactical diameter, and the turning diameter, are presented and compared with the available experiment. Wave effects on the free running turning circle maneuver are discussed through detailed flow visualizations. The trajectory and main parameters agree well with the experiment, which show that the present RANS-overset method is a reliable approach to directly simulate turning circle maneuver in waves.

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