A semi analytic three-dimensional time domain method is developed to predict the hydroelastic effect due to wave induced loads on a floating body. The methodology being a semi analytic approach is able to capture real life scenario of bending of a ship like structure on sea taking both flexural and torsional vibrations. A prismatic beam equation with analytically defined modeshapes is taken into consideration to represent the structural response. The elastic deformation is solved using modal superposition technique. The radiation forces for elastic modes are obtained through impulse response function in time domain where frequency domain added mass, damping coefficients and wave exciting forces for the flexible modes are derived from a frequency domain panel method code. The Duhamel integral is employed in order to get the flexural and torsional deflection, velocity. A rectangular barge with zero forward speed is chosen for the analysis. Structural responses, torque, bending moments are calculated to assess the wave induced loads on the floating elastic body. The proposed technique, developed in Fortran, appears to be robust, efficient and computationally less expensive and can be used to predict the wave induced loads on a flexible structure as a first approximation in the initial design stage.

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