This paper presents a numerical study of an innovative floating wind turbine developed by ESTEYCO S.A.P. as part of an intensive R&D roadmap initiated ten years ago. The concept is called TELWIND, an evolved spar concept composed by a telescopic tower and two independent concrete bodies: the upper tank (acting as buoyancy body) and lower tank (acting as ballasting body), connected by suspension tendons. An ad-hoc numerical model has been developed by IHCantabria, calibrated and validated, based on a set of large scale laboratory tests performed at the Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (CCOB), located at IHCantabria, Santander, Spain.

The inhouse numerical model is a fully coupled model which comprehends three main modules: i) Hydrodynamic model that analyses the coupled hydrodynamics of floater and ballast. ii) Mooring and tendon module, and iii) Aerodynamic model. The full description of the numerical model is summarized, as well as the validation procedure followed. Finally, the validation of the numerical model is shown.

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