Compared to the restriction of intermittency of solar power generation, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) is not only 24/7 base-load, but also comprehensive utilization of fresh water production, air-conditioning, mariculture etc. However, limited temperature difference between warm surface seawater and the cold deep seawater is a crucial factor that restricts the thermal efficiency of OTEC. But today, with the appliance of solar collector in OTEC net power output and the net thermal efficiency have been significantly improved. In this study theoretical analysis and performance simulation of 1MW solar-ocean thermal energy conversion (SOTEC) in South China Sea area is conducted. Net power output and net thermal efficiency of SOTEC with solar-boosted temperature of 20K and OTEC under the condition of weather conditions in South China Sea are compared and analyzed. The results show that the net power output and net thermal efficiency of SOTEC have been significantly improved by combining the solar collector. This study is practical for autonomous supply of islands and coastal areas, and instructive for the comprehensive utilization of renewable energy.

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