Drilling fluids experience a wide range of shear rates and oscillatory motion while circulating through the well and also during the operations for solids control. Therefore, it is important to investigate the influence of oscillatory fields on the velocity profiles, shear rate and resulting rheological condition of non-Newtonian polymers, which are additives in drilling fluids. In this paper, we present the dynamic velocity profiles within both Newtonian (deionized water) and non-Newtonian liquids (Polyanionic Cellulose – PAC) exposed to oscillatory motion. A 15 cm × 15 cm square cross-sectional liquid column was oscillated horizontally with very low frequencies (0.75–1.75 Hz) using a laboratory made oscillating table. The dynamic velocity profiles at the bulk of the oscillating liquid column were visualized by the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) method, where the motion of fluid is optically visualized using light scattering “seeding” particles. Increased frequency of oscillations lead to different dynamic patterns and ranges of velocity-shear magnitudes. The experiments are part of a comprehensive study aimed at investigating the influence of low frequency oscillations on particle settling in non-Newtonian drilling fluids. It is discussed, how such motion imposed on polymeric liquids influences both flow dynamics as well as local settling velocities of cuttings particles.

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