A Giant Heavy Oil Field requires extending and maintaining the production plateau during a continuous period of more than 30 years. In order to increase the revenues of the global project, the construction of Upgrader plant is always considered.

Cold production conditions are first, the project has estimated between 10-8% of the STOIIP obtained through cold production but it would not be enough to extend the production plateau. Therefore, later on it will be necessary to apply thermal EOR techniques, as:

• Steam Injection: 1-CSS + Steam Flooding, 2-SAGD or HASD

• In-situ combustion

Aim for this integrated study was to visualize the new facilities design and modification on the exiting cold production facilities to manage the hot production (investments) in function of reservoir/production requirements. The benefit of this integrated study is to value the additional investments in surface facilities required under thermal EOR production to get the global integrated project evaluation.

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