The AUSMV scheme is a hybrid transient model derived from Advection-Upwind-Splitting Method (AUSM) and Flux Vector Splitting (FVS) method. The two-phase flow model was formulated under isothermal condition. This neglected the behavior of temperature during transient scenarios, for instance, unloading and drilling fluid circulation. In contrast to this assumption, wellbore temperature changes locally with time under such dynamic conditions.

The numerical accuracy of the AUSMV scheme can be improved in two ways. The scheme can be reformulated by including energy equation in the system of governing conservation laws. This option, however, is computationally rigorous and expensive. A better alternative is to develop a separate dynamic temperature model that will calculate wellbore and formation temperatures. Then the two dynamic models — the AUSMV scheme and temperature model — are numerically coupled into a thermohydraulic simulator.

The present work will include a brief introduction to the AUSMV scheme, followed by the description of the temperature model. In addition, how the two transient models are integrated will be presented.

Simulation cases, demonstrating the improved modeling capability of the scheme for a drilling situation, will be shown.

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