The paper refers on a research activity, focused at DREAMS Lab of the University of Genoa (Italy) and still under development, oriented to experimental application of air-bubbling techniques on flat plates and hull models. In this study the reduction in the frictional resistance by air bubbling generated by customized pneumatic circuits is tested, both on the lower surfaces of flat plates characterized of different geometries of holes and on a hull model tested in towing tank. The effective shape of air bubbles is observed, and changes in the local frictional drag are measured, using flexible and low cost thin sensors at different levels of flow rate and pressure of injected air. In towing tank tests the experiments compare hull without and with holes on the bottom, modifying the characteristics of speed, pressure, flow rate and areas interested to the air injection.

Systematic tests campaign has been developed, using also actuation pneumatic workbenches expressly designed for the experiments.

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