The author proposed the Vortex-induced Motion (VIM) simulation method of a semi-submersible type offshore floating structure using the wake oscillator model based on the potential theory and model test data. This method is easy to use for the time-domain simulation of the VIM amplitude, that is in-line, transverse and yaw motions, of the semi-submersible floater in case of being demented mooring safety assessment of that. The simulation method presented in this paper was modified the single circular floater simulation method with the wake oscillator model for a semi-submersible floater. Some empirical parameters, obtained from the systematic model tests used many semi-submersible floaters, are only decided from external form of the semi-submersible floaters, that is the column / lower hull ratio etc. This simulation method is able to indicate general VIM trend and to be used for the assessment of mooring lines safety in the design stage. Using the VIM amplitude simulation, fatigue damage of mooring lines on one sample semi-submersible floater was investigated as an example.

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