Wave-Overtopping loads on vertical walls, such as those located on top of a dike, have been investigated in several small-scale experiments in the past. A large-scale validation for a mild foreshore situation is still missing. Hence the WALOWA (WAve LOads on WAlls) experimental campaign was carried out to address this topic. This paper, first presents a description of the large-scale model, the measurement set-up and the experimental methodologies, then it focuses on the layer thicknesses and velocities of the flows created on the promenade by the wave overtopping. A set of resistive wave gauges, ultrasonic distance sensors and velocimeters have been used to conduct these measurements. Preliminary data analysis and results, related to a 1000 irregular waves long test, are discussed. The momentum flux of these flows is studied and its implications, for the wave-overtopping loads acting on the vertical walls, are highlighted.

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