Tidal current power generation is one of marine renewable energies whose merit is stable and predictable power generation. In the present study, a potential map of tidal current energy in Seto Inland Sea is developed on GIS from the datasets of hydraulic model experiments. Fisheries value maps are also developed from the database of fish catch for typical species in the target area. The developed maps are integrated through GIS, to investigate suitable locations for tidal current power plants in Seto Inland Sea. From the combined map considering both the economic value of tidal current power generation and the fishery, it is found that the areas with positive total value significantly decrease as damage rate on fishery becomes larger, though the areas with high energy potential of tidal current have larger total economic values even when the damage rate increases. On the other hand, some areas where the fishery value is small will become candidate site when the damage rate on fishery gets larger.

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