Erosion of piping systems is a significant issue for many operators of Hydrocarbon infrastructure. Until now mitigation measures have been limited to detection / measurement and reducing production. For many operators this can be a significant loss in revenue and an increase in IMR costs. A novel Erosion Control Technology (ECT) is being developed that can significantly reduce the impact of erosion on piping infrastructure. This technology has the potential of adding immense value when it is used to debottleneck and optimize flow rates. The patented ECT has been designed to control sand erosion in real-time by deflecting and redistributing sand in the product flow stream.

Preliminary laboratory testing of the ECT has been very successful. The ECT inserts designed for the ambient test conditions have shown substantial reduction in erosion (both global and local). Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been the key enabling factor allowing the critical breakthrough in this technology. Experimental results have shown very good correlation with the CFD sand erosion model results. A roadmap in line with industry practices and standards has been developed for project implementation of the ECT solution in the near future.

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