The purpose of the present study is to investigate dynamic ultimate strength of global hull girder of container ships using large scale non-linear finite element analysis. A series of time domain non-linear FE-simulation is carried out using large scale FE models of a 8000 TEU container ship where a hogging moment is applied to the midship section. 5 types of finite element models (three full models, a half hold model, a 1 transverse model) are used. These models adopt elasto-plastic material model which includes strain rate effect.

The hogging moment which is modeled by sinusoidal impulse is applied to these models, and collapse mechanism as well as dynamic hull girder ultimate strength is investigated by varying the load time duration. Moreover effects of load time duration, mass inertia, strain rate and analysis models are investigated in detail. It is found from the present study that ultimate strength as well as collapse mode are significantly dependent on load time duration of hogging moment.

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