A model of a compressed air energy storage unit is tested for tow-out and installation in the Ocean, Coastal & River Engineering (OCRE) Portfolio of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The proposed prototype accumulator is a cylinder of 36 m in diameter and 12 m in height, which will be installed at the bottom of Lake Ontario at about 60 m water depth. The model of the accumulator with scale 1:21.5 was fabricated at the Design and Fabrication Unit of NRC. Appropriate ballast systems were designed and applied for the tow out, installations and release mechanism tests. The model scale test was conducted to examine the hydrodynamic behavior of the accumulator during tow-out and set down operations. NRC’s Towing Tank and Offshore Engineering Basin test facilities were used for the tasks. In this paper only the installation case of the accumulator is reported and discussed. Relevant numerical simulations are also carried out. Comparisons of the numerical results with the experimental results show good agreement for the compared cases.

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