In this study, for the sake of evaluating the structural response taking account of the fluid-structure interaction effect of a ship under severe wave condition, a method for coupling the CFD and 3D FEA in a sequentially staggered manner, is developed. The elastic deformation of the ship is taken over, not only to the following FEA stages but also to the following CFD stages. In order to validate the developed two-way coupling method, and to investigate into the fluid-structure interaction effect on the ship, the comparisons among the straightforward (one-way) coupling method, the experimental results and the developed two-way coupling method are carried out, in terms of the wave-induced loads exerted on the ship, and the hydroelastic response. Both the weakly and strongly coupled methods are investigated. The fluid-structure interaction effect is found as a decrease of the natural frequency of vertical vibration mode of the ship; the natural frequency predicted from the developed two-way coupling method is slightly lower than that from the one-way coupling method.

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