The objective of this paper is to develop a realistic numerical model for ice–pre swirl stator (PSS) structure interaction problem under collision circumstance. PSS structure has been installed in front of a propeller of oil carrier or container vessel operating non-arctic region in order to increase efficiency of propulsion system, which was designed by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). Recently, according to increase of port traffic in arctic region, it is being anticipated that market of PSS installed vessel operating in arctic region will be extended to pursue raised ship’s efficiency but in strength point of view, quantified assessment for dynamic interaction between PSS and sea ice is not specified in any design codes or classification rules. This standpoint will be led to an increased demand for the safe structural design of arctic vessel’s PSS structure subject to collision with sea ice.

In this study, DSME’s PSS structure design will be introduced and five types of numerical model to represent ice crushing behavior which were well-known though previous study will be investigated. The parameters of each material model of ice will be defined and more realistic numerical model for ice will be proposed through comparison study with experimental results. After that, the results of numerical simulations for a collision between PSS and sea ice with five numerical models using LS-DYNA software will be represented. In here, dynamic responses of PSS and failure behaviors of each ice model at each load case will be thoroughly evaluated. Collision loading scenarios and ice dimension were properly assumed based on polar class rule for propeller-sea ice interaction. Consequently, simplified analytic method and proper numerical model for ice corresponding to PSS-sea ice collision simulation will be proposed and discussed, respectively.

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