Experiments regarding vortex-induced vibration (VIV) on floating circular cylinders with low aspect ratio, L/D = 0.5, and different free-end conditions were carried out in a recirculation water channel. The floating circular cylinders were elastically supported by a set of linear springs to provide low structural damping on the system. Four different free-end corner shape conditions were tested, namely r/R = 0.0, 0.25, 0.5 and 1.0; where r/R is the relation between chamfer rounding radius, r, and the radius of cylinder, R. These different free-end conditions were selected to promote changes in the structures shedding around the free end of the cylinder. The aims were to understand the free-end effects on the VIV of floating circular cylinders with very low aspect ratio. The range of Reynolds number covered 2,800 < Re < 55,400. All the results presented here complement the work presented previously for a floating circular cylinder with L/D = 2.0 by Gambarine et al. (2016) [6] - Experimental study of the influence of the free end effects on vortex-induced vibration of floating cylinder with low aspect of ratio, OMAE2016-54623. The present results showed that the amplitudes in both directions were the highest for the semi-sphere case, r/R = 1.0. The amplitudes were almost the same for the other radius values, 0.0 < r/R ≤ 0.5; in which the maximum amplitudes decreased with increasing the corner radius. A critical value, L/Dcrit = 0.5, in which only the free-end structures affect the VIV behavior of the cylinder piercing the free-surface could be stated. The conclusion was that the cylinder free-end affects the VIV behavior for cylinders with very low-aspect ratio.

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