Flow interference between two identical circular cylinders in side-by-side arrangement with one stationary and the other forced to oscillate in the transverse direction are studied. Direct numerical simulations are performed by Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) with a constant Reynolds number of 100. We consider four representative pitch ratios, T/D, ranging from 1.2 to 4, corresponding to four distinct flow patterns for two stationary side-by-side cylinders. The forced oscillation is fixed at a constant small amplitude of A/D = 0.1. A wide range of dimensionless oscillating frequency (fe/fs = [0.5, 2]) is examined. The results show that the response state of flow around two side-by-side cylinders when one cylinder is forced to vibrate is quite different from that of the corresponding stationary system. Four response states are identified according to the different characteristics on the power spectra and phase portrait of lift forces on cylinders. In addition, hydrodynamic forces on the cylinders are analyzed in terms of root-mean-square and time-averaged quantities. It is found that the pitch ratio, oscillating frequency and response state play different roles in determining the force quantities.

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