In the present study, three-layer-liquid sloshing in a rigid tank is simulated based on the newly developed multiphase MPS method. Firstly, the multiphase MPS method is introduced in detail, including the basic particle interaction models and the special interface treatments employed to extend single phase MPS solver to multiphase flows simulations. The new multiphase MPS method treats the multifluid system as the multi-density and multi-viscosity fluid, thus only a single set of equations needs to be solved for all phases. Besides, extra density smoothing technique, interparticle viscosity model and surface tension model are included in the present method for interface particles. The new multiphase MPS method is then applied to simulate three-layer-liquid sloshing in a rigid tank and verified through comparison with the experiment conducted by Molin et al. [1]. The predicted motion of interfaces by the present method shows a good agreement with the experimental data and other numerical results.

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