We present a multiscale approach to model a windfarm under real meteorological conditions. The multiscale model consists of a mesoscale atmospheric code coupled to a stochastic ocean wave model, a microscale model and a super-microscale model. The mesoscale model (with 2.5km × 2.5km horizontal resolution) forces the microscale model (with finer 100m × 100m horizontal resolution). The microscale model is capable of resolving surface variations both on wavy and complex terrain surfaces. Finally, the computed wind, temperature and turbulent kinetic energy from microscale model are used to provide boundary conditions to a super-microscale model, which has features to resolve turbine wakes using actuator line model. The three classes of models are validated using a very diverse array of observational data obtained from satellites, radiosondes and a wind tunnel. Towards the end, performance of an operational onshore wind farm under realistic meteorological conditions is evaluated.

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