Producing hydrocarbon from deep water assets is extremely challenging and expensive. A good estimate of rates from multiple pay zones is essential for well monitoring, surveillance, and workover decisions. Such information can be gleaned from flowing fluid pressure and temperature; deep-water wells are often well instrumented that offers such data on a continuous basis. In this study a model is presented that estimates zonal flow contributions based on energy and momentum balances. Kinetic and heat energy coming from the reservoir fluid to the production tubing is accounted for in the model. The momentum balance for wellbore takes into account differing flow profile in laminar and turbulent flows.

In addition, when sandface temperature data are not available, a recently developed analytical model to estimate the effect of Joule-Thompson expansion on sandface temperature was used to estimate sandface temperature from reservoir temperature. The model developed can be applied to any reservoir with multiple pay zones and is especially useful for deep-water assets where production logging is practically impossible. Available field data for multiphase flow was used to validate the model. Sensitivity analyses were performed that showed accurate temperature data is essential for the model to estimate zonal contribution accurately.

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