Three-dimensional numerical simulation of regular waves passing over cylindrical monopile has been conducted to investigate the vortex dynamics. To do so the rectangular wave flume and monopile is modeled on a solver, available in the open-source CFD toolkit OpenFOAM®. The solver applied RANS equations with VOF method for tracking free surface. Model validation has been done by comparison numerical results with the experimental ones and admissible agreement has been seen. Computations have been done for three cases with different pile diameters consequently for different Keulegan-Carpenter numbers (KC).

The vorticity field around the pile was investigated as well as vortices by means of Q criterion. It was seen that by increasing KC number, horseshoe vortices will be formed and vortex shedding will be happened. Moreover, Bed shear stress around the pile has been extracted and it has been seen that, the bed shear stress is influenced by KC value which result of existence of horseshoe vortices and vortex shedding.

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