The ship wave resistance can be evaluated by two alternative methods after solving the boundary value problem. One is the far field method e.g. Havelock’s formula, and another is the near field method based on direct pressure integration over the wetted hull surface. As is well known, there exist considerable discrepancies between wave resistance results by far field method and by near field method.

This paper presents a Lagally expression in consistency with Havelock’s formula. In order to derive the Lagally expression, the symmetry of Havelock’s Green function is used in the same manner as Yeung et al (2004). Another expression to examine the relation with water pressure integrations or to ensure physical consistency is also derived by slightly deforming that expression. Some numerical comparisons of wave resistance of Wigley, KCS and KVLCC2 models among by Havelock’s formula, some direct pressure integration methods and present two new near field expressions, are shown to demonstrate consistency numerically.

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