On the vessels moored at the wharf, the situation such as drifting and wash up on the wharf due to the breaking of the mooring lines is occurred by the tsunami. The authors are clarified for applicability of the proposed floating tsunami protection wharf (FTPW). FTPW is the floating pier for tsunami disaster. The effect of FTPW is most promising as disaster prevention and mitigation measures for the moored vessels. The authors examined large scale FTPW until now. However, when floating body length was longer than a ship breadth, the possibility that disaster prevention performance of FTPW decreased was confirmed. In this study, the examination about the influence that floating body length gives in disaster prevention performance of FTPW is performed using numerical simulation. Therefore, in the range of length of FTPW/breadth of vessel = 1.0 to 8.0, it was confirmed that tsunami protection performance of FTPW was shown enough.

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