Installing devices of marine renewable energy is planned off Kamaishi city, Iwate prefecture, Japan. A device of wave power generation was settled at this site as a test case. It is important to coexist the power generation device and local fishermen. Since Kamaishi is known as a good fishing area, acceptance of fishermen is required to run the wave power generation at the test site. Especially, local fishermen in Kamaishi have a concern about how wave power generation moves along with ocean waves and currents. To acquire an acceptance from local fishermen in terms of setting wave power generation, a model test was conducted to understand the device of wave power generation. It consists of float, spar, middle float, gimbal mechanism and anchor. Middle float, gimbal mechanism and anchor are mooring. The submerged weights of the model almost satisfy the targeted values calculated by the scale ratio and actual submerged weights. The experiment was conducted for 1/125 scale model at a water tank in marine environmental and ecosystem laboratory, the university of Tokyo. We monitored the motion of the model under several conditions of regular waves and currents. The motions of the model were recorded by a video camera and were analyzed. The model was moved with respect to the surface waves and currents. We assessed the motions of the float based on the experiment. The experimental results will be used to explain local fishermen.

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