The fatigue failure, as one of the traditional failure modes of ship hull structures [1], has been widely concerned in recent years. For FPSO converted from large oil tankers, it is critical to predict and extend their service life. The analysis has been finished in compliance with the fatigue damage calculation procedure on the basis of spectral method. A three dimensional model has been performed to represent the entire hull structure. The Hot-Spot Stress Approach is employed to determine the stress transfer function for a location where the fatigue strength is to be evaluated. The fatigue damage resulting from combining the damage from each of the short-term conditions can be accomplished by the use of a weighted liner summation technique. The remaining fatigue life of the FPSO is calculated by the method of spectral analysis to determine the fatigue damage of the oil tanker during the operation period and the FPSO working period respectively. According to the results, the inspection and maintenance of hull structures can be effectively carried out.

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