This paper presents further experimental results of the dynamic response of a small-scale catenary riser model subjected to sinusoidal vertical motion imposed to the top, as a continuation of a previous one, presented at OMAE’2013. In that paper, a general view of an innovative experimental methodology using underwater optical techniques was given, together with some experimental results on VSIV - Vortex Self-Induced Vibrations, also referred to as Heave-Induced Lateral Motion, or Vessel Motion Induced VIV. It was then shown that such a behavior recovered similar ones reported in the technical literature by other authors and resembled fundamental studies, by Sumer and Fredsøe. In the present paper, new experimental tests are reported and analyzed. A similar catenary configuration is assessed. The analysis of VSIV trajectories is made via space-frequency amplitude spectra and space-time amplitude scalograms, revealing rich dynamic responses. The results are meant to serve as an experimental basis, contributing to the understanding of the VSIV phenomenology and to the benchmarking of numerical models.

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