It is often said that every offshore oil field has its own environmental condition and oil property according to its geographical location. This means that it is very difficult to apply a specific standard design to any FPSO hull, which is usually preferred by many shipyards.

This fact often leads to serious trouble for FPSO hull construction in terms of cost and delivery time.

In order to cope with this problem, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MES) developed a next generation offshore platform for FPSO, “Mitsui noah-FPSO Hull” (noah : New Offshore Adapted Hull), which consists of unique modular design and construction concept and simple hull form. Structural design is also modularized, i.e. common cross section and frame space, will facilitate to standardized topside module design. In fact, it can be constructed even in multi-shipyards as a consistent cross-platform.

MES has obtained Approval In Principle (AIP) for the noah-FPSO Hull design and concept from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Bureau Veritas (BV).

In this paper, MES introduces these modular concept of the noah-FPSO Hull and its developed technical issues.

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