Numerical investigations were conducted using the MSC.Dytran software on the dynamic response of functionally graded sandwich panels when subjected to underwater explosion. The effects of the number of layers and density distribution of graded cores on the blast performance were analyzed in several aspects under the constraint of equivalent mass. The simulation results have demonstrated that sandwich panels experience both bending and large plastic stretching deformation. Compared to single layered sandwich panel, those panels with graded cores overall possess smaller central permanent displacement and better energy absorption capability. Central deflection of bottom face sheet decreases as the density of cores descends from top to bottom face. A large proportion of the energy dissipates in the plastic deformation of top face sheet by the end of response, followed by the bottom face sheet, and core compression absorbers the minimum. Utilizing the high efficiency of energy absorption by adjusting those cores with greater density near to the top face sheet can further mitigate the damage from explosion.

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