Follow the holism concept of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the pulse wave system is considered as an entire system of life energy propagating within the blood in the form of wave. A corresponding mechanics model is established, showing that a pulse phenomenon includes both the blood flow and the energy wave propagating within the blood. The former is a visible matter-flow with lower velocity, while the latter is an invisible energy-flow with much higher velocity, corresponding respectively to the “blood” and the “Qi” in TCM. Moreover the method of inverse analysis in the wave propagation theory is generalized to deal with the pulse wave signals. Once anyone form of pulse wave, e.g. the pressure wave, is measured, the other forms of pulse wave such as the particle velocity wave, the specific volume wave and the internal energy wave can all be deduced, and finally the constitutive equation of the system can be determined. The propagating characters of pulse wave are mainly determined by the constitutive equation of the system, which may correspond to the “body constitution” in TCM. Some intrinsic relationship may exist between them and should be further investigated.

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