Recently the application of nanomaterial is attracting the oil and gas industry. The preliminary nanomaterials research results show an improving performance of cement, drilling fluid and Enhanced Oil Recovery.

In this paper, the effect of nano Silicon dioxide (SiO2) on polymer (HV-CMC, Xanthan gum, LV-CMC) and salt (KCl, NaCl) treated bentonite drilling fluid systems has been studied at room temperature.

The results show that the performance of nano SiO2 in bentonite mud system depends on its concentration and the types of salt and polymer systems used. In the considered fluid systems, it is also observed that the addition of about 0.06% SiO2 influences rheology, and filtrate loss of the drilling fluid systems. The viscoelasticity of the selected best system further studied and their hole -cleaning and hydraulics performances are simulated. The overall result shows that the formulated optimum concentration of nano-system shows good performances and rheological behavior.

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