In this study, simulation research was performed in order to switch producing gas field over to UGS (Underground Gas Storage). Generally, a large amount of cushion gas that is mainly composed of CH4 is required to maintain the enough pressure in the UGS reservoir and it cannot be produced during the UGS operation. If there is an alternative way to mitigate the volume of cushion gas, more cost-effective operation is possible. In this reason, we injected CO2 as a cushion gas and determined optimal number of wells and injection/withdrawal rate without CO2 production. The reservoir opportunity index was used to select the target drilling points. The proper volume of working and cushion gas were obtained respectively in various gas rate case. As a result, injected CO2 can supply additional pressure to the reservoir that more effective UGS operation is possible. And injection rate is a critical factor for the stable working gas injection and production from the economic point of view. Also, a design for a complete CCS system was developed based on the existing off-shore pipeline in combination with new on-shore CO2 transport infrastructure.

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