Ships operating in ice region have to meet more rigorous environment and more accidents occur such as hull-ice collision accidents or low temperature damage. The problem of hull-ice collision is a serious one about those. Compared with the other parts such as stern and stem, the side structure of a ship may be regarded as the weakest part in the collision accidents, due to its relative less safe distance. However, side structure has the biggest share among the whole structure, which means that it has the higher ratio to be collided with ice. It is worthy much to avoids the serious damages and improve the survivability of ship in the collision accident. This research simulated the collision between side structure and ice. It had analyzed the characteristics of damaged structure based on the energy method when the collision happened. And then it also discussed the importance of material properties especially for ice properties and compared the difference in the end. This paper can be taken as a period summary and were benefit to the research in next step. It was trying to find a way that can simulate the collision fast and accurately as well.

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