Being confident in ice loads time series distribution law is extremely important for analysis, as well as for performing simulations. Strong autocorrelation, which usually exist in registered data, obstructs making outcomes on process distribution. Furthermore, at the moment there are only cautious suggestions exist about connection of ice loads distribution law with size and shape of structure or its fragment.

In the paper new results about distribution law of ice loads time series, which were registered in experiments with indenters and models of offshore structures in Krylov State Research Center ice tank (St. Petersburg), are presented. Experiments with four thin indenters were taken in consideration. Also results of tests on process’ variance and means constancy for mentioned time series are presented. Such analysis was performed using methods and software, developed in St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University and Krylov State Research Center.

As a result, hypotheses on ice loads stationarity are tested. Results are discussed.

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