Jackets are structures used in the offshore industry as a bottom supported platform for oil and gas production. The jackets have to be built in order to withstand the harsh sea environment. Such designs demand in depth analysis to predict the loads acting on the structure and its response. Depending on the sea states in which the structure needs to be installed, breaking load can be important. Estimation of breaking load for single cylinder exists in literature, since the breaking load on the jacket structure needs a lot more clarity. The aim of this paper is to estimate the impact force on a model jacket using Duhamel integral, which was not explored before. The impact load so far analyzed was compared with theoretical explanations given by Goda, et al. (1966), Wienke and Oumeraci (2005). The scope of the study is limited to plunging type of breakers. Five loading cases include wave breaking at far-front of a structure, in front of structure, on the front leg, on the rear leg and a non-breaking case was considered.

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