The arrangement design of ships and offshore plants is normally being made based on data of the past design and experts’ experiences. When performing the arrangement design, experts refer the past data and add additional requirements to the data for a new design based on their experiences. During this task, delay in design can occur due to the data missing or the absence of experts. In addition, most of ships and offshore plants are operated in the ocean environment so that spaces that can be filled with components for them are restricted. In this sense, there is a need to accumulate data regarding the past design, experts’ experiences, and design rules as a systematic structure. And a demand for optimization technique for the arrangement deign of ships and offshore plants are increasing. For this, an arrangement design framework for ships and offshore plants based on expert system and optimization technique is proposed in this study. And the proposed framework is applied to a problem with regard to the arrangement design of a small size submarine, and an FPSO topside. The results shows that the proposed framework can be used as a new tool for the arrangement design of ships and offshore plants.

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