Surface waves are simulated and extreme parameters are calculated in Weifang Port in this paper. Firstly, wind data of every 3 hours from 1985 to 2010 in the Bohai Sea are simulated by Weather Research Forecast Model (WRF). Then wave elements such as significant wave height, wave period and wave direction are simulated every 1 hour from 1985 to 2010 by SWAN model in the whole of Bohai Sea. By comparison and validation, both the simulation wind data and wave data show a good agreement with the observation data. Extreme parameters of wind speed, wave height and wave period in every direction are calculated according to Pearson-III distribution at the −15m isobath in Laizhou Bay. The results show that the strong wind and wave are in direction N, NNE and NE. Surface waves are calculated using MIKE21 SW to study wave propagation from the open sea to the coast. The wave elements inside of the submerged breakwaters are calculated by three empirical formulas. The results from the three formulas are different, and the conservative result is chosen considering engineering safety.

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