The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 revealed the vulnerability of modern ports to damage caused by drifting vessels as a result of a tsunami. The goal of the present study is to develop a tsunami hazard map for moored vessels in order to evaluate the potential for damage caused by drifting vessels that were previously moored at a port. The proposed map consists of four components: a maximum tsunami-height map, a maximum inundation depth map, a maximum flow velocity map, and an evaluation map of maximum mooring tension. The proposed tsunami hazard map for mooring vessels can be used to reduce the number of possible mooring locations and to obtain information for selecting a promising candidate mooring location. Furthermore, information on the tsunami force on moored vessels and on the grounding of vessels by a tsunami can be obtained, and information required for the development of preemptive measures for tsunami relief can be obtained using the proposed hazard map. In the present study, the suitability of mooring locations at Kisarazu port was analyzed, and the results are presented in the form of a map.

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