Umbilical is the key actor connecting the subsea devices on the seabed to the platform, and acting like a neural line transforming the information from the central control system on platform to the subsea control elements.

Normally, according to the applied chemical reagent and hydraulics control fluid transmitting element, the umbilical is divided into two types for alternative depths, one consists with hoses for shallow water or medium water application, and the other utilizes the super duplex steel tubes for all depth water application. The main argument for using steel over thermoplastic hoses would be chemical resistance and hydraulic response time (where hose performance is poor).

However, the hose will have more flexibility than steel tube, which is also easier for manufacture. If the umbilical with hoses can be used in deeper water condition, the cost will decrease greatly.

In order to strengthen the hose structure for deep water use (up to 1000m twice the prior record), this paper will focus on the study of a possible strengthened structure implanting into the hoses to increase the outer pressure resistance capacity, which will increase the whole outer pressure resistance performance of umbilical finally. The thermoplastic hose with strengthened structure will enable the use of thermoplastic hoses in deeper water.

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