The recommended practice DNVGL-RP-C203 on fatigue design of offshore steel structures has been revised a number of times since it was first issued in 2001. The 2016 revision includes additional information on a number of items asked for by the industry such as: Residual stresses in tubular sections made from cold forming, S-N data for subsea application, change in validity of S-N curve in seawater with cathodic protection, relation between surface roughness and requirements for roughness for coating, S-N curves and stress concentration factors for fatigue assessment of pipelines, relation between fabrication tolerances and S-N curves in different types of structural details and hot spot stress analysis for rainflow counting.

The background for this is explained in the paper. In addition the paper includes some information on recommendations for fatigue design of single-sided tubular joints that was included in the 2014 revision of the Recommended Practice.

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