Safety Lifecycle is described in IEC61508 and IEC61511, but more detailed engineering procedure than IEC61508 and IEC61511 is required for real design and manufacture of safety system for offshore project. For the turret national research project, more detailed design procedure was applied for the design of turret. First of all, the nodes are defined based on EUC (Equipment Under Control) units and the hazards are analysed by 3 methodologies — Hazard Checklist, HAZOP and FMEA during hazard analysis phase. Then the risk are analysed quantitatively by LOPA methodology. To produce the safety requirement specification for function, the cause & effect, the logic diagram and IO list will be produced. The isolation countermeasures in case of explosion and fire and the SIFs (Safety Instrumented Function) in LOPA report and the process shutdown interlocks will be included in the cause & effect and the logic diagram will be developed based on this cause & effect. The safety requirement specification for safety will be developed by exSILentia from exida. Based on the safety requirement specification, the Functional Design Specification, the Safety Validation Plan including the test specification and test plan, the system configuration will be developed during the Basic Design phase and then IO list & terminal allocation, application software implementation, panel drawing will be developed during the detailed design.

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