A cylindrical floating structure can basically experience Vortex-induced Motion (VIM) in strong current. Since the VIM on the structure with long term low-frequency motion causes fatigue damage of the structure’s mooring lines and risers, precise VIM assessment is needed for the safety evaluation of them. In the standard of the International Organization for Standardization ISO19901-7, ‘Specific requirements on stationkeeping systems for floating offshore structures and mobile offshore units’, for instance, a concrete method of assessing VIM displacement is not represented in the standard document, though the requirement on the VIM demands to do the assessment on the basis of proper ways.

Then in this paper, a VIM simulation method on a floating structure with circular cylinder form, that is, for example a Spar, a MPSO (Mono-column type floating Production Storage and Offloading) and so on, is shown using the wake-oscillator model. Transverse VIM is only treated since it is dominant factor on the fatigue damage of the mooring lines and risers. The assessment quality of the simulation method on the transverse VIM of floaters in current is confirmed by model test data.

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