A promising time domain model for calculation of cross-flow vortex induced vibrations (VIV) is under development at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Time domain, as oppose to frequency domain, makes it possible to include non-linearities in the structural model. Pipelines that rest on an irregular seabed will experience free spans. In these areas VIV is a concern with respect to the fatigue life. In this paper, a time domain model for calculation of VIV on free spanning pipelines is proposed. The model has non-linear interaction properties consisting of discrete soil dampers and soil springs turning on or off depending on the pipeline response. The non-linear model is compared to two linear models with linear stiffness and damping properties. One linear model is based on the promising time domain VIV model, while the other one is based on RIFLEX and VIVANA, which calculates VIV in frequency domain. Through four case studies the effect of seabed geometry, current velocity and varying soil damping and soil stiffness is investigated for a specific pipeline. The results show that there is good agreement between the results produced by VIVANA and the linear model. The non-linear model predicts smaller stresses at the pipe shoulders, which is positive for the life time estimations. Soil damping does not influence the response significantly.

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