As oil and gas (O&G) activities are moving north in the Arctic region new challenges for the offshore logistics have arisen. These challenges impose more stringent requirements for the logistics system setup, especially on the design and operation of vessels. We propose a methodology for quick evaluation of the feasibility and cost of the logistics system in the early stages of offshore supply planning. This methodology allows for testing the effects of using alternative ship designs and the overall supply fleet composition on system’s cost and performance while satisfying prospective campaign requirements. Safety standards and requirements for emergency preparedness and environmental performance are taken into account while cost effectiveness of the logistics system as a whole is the main quantifiable measure. The presented methodology is also very relevant for evaluation and planning of the logistics supply system for O&G activities in other areas around the world that are considered remote either due to physical distance or other characteristics that impact the complexity and cost of operations. The proposed methodology is tested on a real-life case for offshore supply planning of a drilling campaign in a remote area for one of the major international O&G operators.

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