This paper gives the results of free running model tests for the KVLCC2 in shallow water. The paper describes how free running model tests in shallow water are carried out, and gives the results of free running model tests at two shallow water depths, corresponding to a water depth to draught ratio h/T of 1.2 and 1.5. Free running (partly) turning circle tests and zigzag tests are carried out in shallow water in a dedicated shallow water basin where the water depth is lowered to sail above a concrete floor, while measuring the level of flatness of the concrete floor.

The ITTC issued a brand new approach to perform uncertainty analysis for free running manoeuvring tests. For a proper comparison of simulations to model tests, it is of prime importance to not just know the results of a free running manoeuvre, but also to know the uncertainty of the results. This paper addresses also the uncertainty of the results. The combination of the results of the model tests and the uncertainty analysis allows the use of this data as benchmark data.

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